18 December 2012

Toolbox for Leathercraft Tools.

In between projects and needed to practice my hand cut through dovetails, so I made this box to keep my leather-crafting tools.  I used Pine (South African Pine is terrible and very expensive), as it is relatively cheap and easy on the tools' edges.  I decided to make small trays of plywood that wood stack as there are quite few tools and I didn't want them to bank against each other.  The lid was frame and panel, the frame was mortice & tenon and the panel, from Kiaat, was raised by hand with a Stanley #78 rabbet plane and a jack plane.

I cut the dividers for the tool trays with the help of my Bridge City Tools KM-1kerfmaker.  This tool has fast become one of my best friends (other than Google). The next sequence shows the trays being stacked from the bottom up, first empty and then with the tools in place.  Finish with Danish oil and wax.




For the tray bottoms, some I left bare, others i covered in Skyvex-a nice thin imitation leather that bookbinders use, and some I stuck on some veneer offcuts.