23 June 2011

A Woodworker's Notebook.

The editors of Popular Woodworking Magazine have more than once recommended that every woodworker start his/her own blog site.  One of the reasons was to keep a log on our progress.  Another was that the web would preserve all this knowledge for future generations.  I agree with the concept, but would go one step further and also create a notebook with alphabetical index.  Woodworking is multifaceted, and we need to become proficient in nearly all the different disciplines (see my previous entry titled "Pace" (24 Feb. 2011).  And many books combine a lot of the sub-skills, as they should.  E.g. you naturally go from making a board four-square, to clamping up a panel, to joinery to finish etc.  It would be nice if all the common chapters could be combined in one book so that we can deal with one specific topic at a time.  But that would mean tearing books up.  This is where the notebook comes in.  Once you have grasped the basics of each skill, the fine tips and tricks as well as the knowledge gained from making mistakes should be recorded in the notebook under the relevant heading.  I guess with time these notes will become less, but I don't think that the time will ever come when we don't need to refer to notes at all.